“Awakening is natural. Delusion is not.”

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Therapy: individual, couples and groups

In individual therapy we work toward a shift in thinking and being, a deepening of insight and understanding as well as the cultivation of mindfulness and an observing self. Through this process one arrives at a place of freedom from judgement with the tools to cultivate compassion for oneself and others. This initiates movement towards living more mindfully, consciously and joyously.

In couples and marital therapy I work with those who are experiencing disconnect in their communication that typically plays out by withdrawing or pursuing, difficulties in parenting or simply a breakdown in relating. Whether married or not, gay or straight, using mindfulness with couples helps to slow down unconscious patterns and the behaviors that inform them. Then we can explore and develop more satisfying ways to be in relationship.

Group therapy becomes a safe environment in community where each person can discover her/his truth, give voice to it and explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationship. It is an opportunity to test self perceptions, express feelings appropriately, become empowered in the presence of others and open to support.

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