“We can change through behavior. We can change through understanding. We can change from the heart.”

What to Expect

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When you come to my office you will first be seated in a small cozy waiting area on the main floor of an older SE Portland house. I will meet you there. You can expect a safe, supportive atmosphere that encourages the observation of your thoughts, feelings and process (through mindfulness). In this inner landscape, compassion for self is cultivated, insight is awakened and change becomes conceivable.

At the first session you will have the opportunity to clarify and discuss what you are looking for in therapy and how we will work together to achieve your goals. We will discuss the fee, cancellation policy and any questions that you have. You will sign an informed consent form and will bring home an intake form to be filled out and returned at your next visit. Sessions are sixty minutes in length. I generally meet with you once a week or as we’ve determined.

Together we will discover your beliefs about the world, what you want to change, and how to find better ways to cope. You will learn to define and set healthy boundaries, challenge limiting beliefs and behaviors and heal old wounds. Inner resources will be discovered and developed.

As you embark on this journey you agree to explore mindfulness, work with body awareness, impulses, visualization and somatic exercises to deepen your process and insight. Whether you seek individual or couples counseling or relief from the effects of trauma, one of the most important aspects of our work together will be the mindfulness process.

I will support you in taking charge of your life and the transformation that will follow.

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