“We already have compassion, wisdom and joy. We only need to settle our minds so they can arise from deep within us.”

My Philosophy

photo of buddha

We start from where you are, seeing you in relation to all aspects of who you are. My role is one of midwife, guiding your process from stuckness to fluidity. Together we look at what isnít working and embrace what is. When you open to your emotions, engage your spirituality and dance with your shadow side you connect to your aliveness and make sense of your life.

My approach is relational, interactive and supportive of your strengths and wisdom. By observing your core beliefs and how you make sense of yourself in the world, you are able to open more deeply to your authentic self. Defining and setting healthy boundaries, healing old wounds and transforming limiting beliefs instigates vitality and the possibility of choices.

Mindfulness allows us to study what is happening within us. It focuses on the present moment. We study the contents of our consciousness; why we believe what we believe and why we do what we do. It allows us to be present with what life presents to us and enables us to develop the capacity to manage lifeís challenges.

With mindfulness we develop a witnessing or observing presence. This witness self does not judge, but it deepens our understanding and brings insight and awareness. New possibilities for change are elicited. We experience life as a flow with satisfaction and ease.

photo of rocks